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Commercial Plans

Commercial property appliances
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Call to set up a Synergy Care Plan for your commercial property

As a property manager or landlord, it is our goal to partner with you to provide holistic and proactive solutions for all your appliance-related needs. With routine maintenance, we can help keep your appliances performing optimally for as long as possible, but our Commercial Care Plans are so much more than just maintenance!

While we will help you take great care of the appliances at your properties, we will also be collecting invaluable data that will help you manage your appliances and make the best decisions for your business. You will receive a detailed report for each of your units so you will know the state of every appliance and be able to plan repairs or replacements accordingly. Our proprietary software captures the data from each report and will give you a top-level view to help you focus on any immediate needs, but also allows you to break it down by the property, unit, types of appliances, or individual appliance. With our help, you will have more control over the appliances at your properties. 

Call us today to book your demo and start building your customized Care Plan!

Commercial Account Benefits:

  • Access to our proprietary Business Intelligence 
    Inventory Management Software

  • Inspection and maintenance of five major home appliances at each of your units

  • Custom payment options that fit your budget

  • Recommendations, tips, and support from our expert team

  • Valuable insight that will help guide your appliance decisions 

  • Partner Company pricing on repair services

appliance guidance

Appliance Care Plan

Get ahead of preventable surprise repairs and costly replacements. From optimizing performance and efficiency to helping you predict your future appliance needs, let us be your appliance guides!

Inspection & Maintenance

An experienced technician will be dispatched to your properties to conduct a thorough inspection and perform routine maintenance on five major home appliances. Inspection calls can be done as a one-time service, planned annually, or can be customized to suit your needs.

Custom Appliance Reports

Our custom reports will provide valuable insight and details about each appliance. A Home Care Plan Report includes:

  • Age and current condition of each appliance

  • Model and serial numbers

  • Testing of common failure parts

  • Detailed measurements and inspection of the installation space 

  • Alerts for any issues that need immediate attention

  • Routine maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer

  • Tips to optimize appliance performance 

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