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Synergy Care Maintenance Plan

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Appliance Maintenance

No one likes to experience an appliance breakdown. Not only can this lead to a costly repair, but a broken appliance can cause a serious interruption in your life. Routine maintenance on your appliances can help you mitigate these frustrating situations.

You will have peace of mind knowing your appliances have been properly maintained and inspected by a skilled technician. Don't be surprised by a preventable problem, book your Care Plan visit today!

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Appliance Repair


If not addressed, normal wear and tear on appliances can put extra strain on their components as they work harder than necessary to do their jobs. We can help you catch worn parts before they break. Our goal is to address small problems before they become big ones!

Maintain, Protect, & Inform

Household appliances often represent a large investment and can be costly to repair or replace. Regular inspection and maintenance will protect your investment, and keep your appliances functioning correctly and efficiently for as long as possible. 


Maintenance specifics depend on the type of appliance, but generally, we will:

  • Inspect appliances for signs of functional issues  

  • Test common fail parts 

  • Clean filters, vents, drains, seals, and more!

Appliance Care Plan

Get ahead of preventable surprise repairs and costly replacements. From optimizing performance and efficiency to helping you predict your future appliance needs, let us be your appliance guides!

Inspection & Maintenance

An experienced technician will be dispatched to your home to conduct a thorough inspection and perform routine maintenance on five major home appliances. Inspection calls can be done as a one-time service, planned annually, or can be customized to suit your needs.

Custom Appliance Reports

Our completed reports will provide valuable insight and details about each appliance. The report will include:

  • Age and current condition of each appliance

  • Testing of common failed parts

  • Inspection of the installation space 

  • Routine maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer

  • Tips to optimize appliance performance 

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Kitchen Package


Laundry Package


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